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Our aim at Kit Collective is to use our resources and connections to make a lasting impact. We are addressing some of the barriers that prevent the outdoors from being accessible to everyone by supporting community groups which aim to diversify the outdoors. We work with groups which focus on widening inclusion for Black, Asian and ethnic minorities, people with low socio-economic backgrounds and people with disabilities.

The first step is to provide kit – a safe and enjoyable time outdoors often relies on access to the right kit, preferably good quality. This helps you stay dry, stay warm and stay safe for longer while enjoying the many benefits that the outdoors has to offer. We do this by getting the kit that groups need straight from the brands who want to make a difference.


Our work doesn’t end there – the second step is to empower. We amplify the voices of the community groups we support and the work that you do. We share your stories and your upcoming activities, but most importantly, we share what still needs to be done to make the outdoors accessible to all.


The third step is to collaborate. We facilitate and encourage community engagement. Working together is the key to making long lasting change, whether it is between groups, or with individuals and brands who want to remove barriers and make positive changes.

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