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The lack of diversity in the outdoors industry is a real issue.

It’s not enough to be anti-discriminatory, anti-prejudicial and anti-racist, we need to actively encourage the industry to acknowledge, take a stand and address that the outdoors is not yet welcome to everyone.

There are many barriers to the outdoors; cultural, socio-economic, lack of representation, lack of access, lack of knowledge, perception of the outdoors, outright prejudice and discrimination.

Our aim at Kit Collective is to use our resources and connections to make a larger impact. We are addressing some of the barriers that prevent the outdoors from being accessible to everyone and taking action.

Our main offering is to provide kit to community groups leaders who are working to remove barriers, widen access and are already doing great work from a grassroots level for Black, Asian and ethnic minorities, people from low socio-economic communities, and people with disabilities.

Step 1

Before approaching us, assess what your brand is doing to diversify the outdoors and what actions you need to take.

Step 2

Get in touch with us at Tell us about your brand, what you are currently doing and plan to do to make the outdoors accessible to all, and how you would like to support our groups. We may schedule a call so we can get to know each other better and discuss the amount and type of kit you are able to commit.

Step 3

Once we’ve got a kit bank request from one of our groups, we match the request with our brand supporters and we will get in touch and ask you to supply the kit.

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