‘I am a community group leader. How can I apply for support?’


If our missions align, we’ll want to find out more about you, how we can collaborate and understand the kit you need before we approach some of our brand supporters. Our goal is to support you in running better trips and provide better, safer experiences for the BAME community and encourage them to continue going outdoors.


We are committed to longer term relationships with the groups which we support and believe that our work with each group doesn’t just stop once the final kit drop has been made.  


With the current size of our team and the lead times we have with our brand supporters, we therefore typically take on two to three new groups or initiatives every quarter to ensure that we are giving each group the dedication and attention they deserve.

Our aim at Kit Collective is to use our resources and connections to make a larger impact. We are addressing some of the barriers that prevent the outdoors from being accessible to everyone by supporting community groups which aim to diversify the outdoors.

The first step is to provide kit – a safe and enjoyable time outdoors often relies on access to the right kit, preferably good quality. This helps you stay dry, stay warm and stay safe for longer while enjoying the many benefits that the outdoors has to offer. We do this by getting the kit that groups need straight from the brands who want to make a difference.


Our work doesn’t end there – the second step is to empower. We amplify the voices of the community groups we support and the work that you do. We share your stories and your upcoming activities, but most importantly, we share what still needs to be done to make the outdoors accessible to all.


The third step is to collaborate. We facilitate and encourage community engagement. Working together is the key to making long lasting change, whether it is between groups, or with individuals and brands who want to remove barriers and make positive changes.

Step 1

An introductory call with our team – Like kit, it’s all about the fit!  So we’re keen to find out a bit more about you, your aims, goals, aspirations and for you to better understand who we are and what we do. You can download this checklist, which provides you with a few things to think about that we will be keen to discuss with you.

Step 2

The outcome – the outcome of the discussions will be one of three.  

One – yes, we’re super excited to be working with you and can’t wait to get started!

Two – yes, we are keen to help you but we are at capacity for the quarter so we may have to [assign] you a later date

Three – it’s all about the fit, and we’re not the right fit, right now. We will advise or direct you to some of our partners who can support you on your next steps.

Step 3

Let’s get to work! – our account manager will work with you to work out a plan/timetable with you to understand the events that you have in the pipeline and kit needs that you have over the next few months.

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